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The "Good Water Neighbors" (GWN) project was established by EcoPeace Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) in 2001 to raise awareness of the shared water problems of Palestinians, Jordanians, and Israelis. GWN looks to identify cross-border communities and utilize their mutual dependence on shared water resources as a basis for developing dialogue and cooperation on sustainable water management. GWN has created real improvement within the water sector by building trust and understanding that has led to shared problem solving and peace building among communities even in the midst of conflict.

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YaLa Young Leaders

YaLa Young Leaders is an online, Facebook-based movement dedicated to empowering young Middle Easterners to lead their generation to a better future. YaLa is a movement for young people, by young people, forging pathways for cooperation between Arab and Israeli young leaders, in order to effect change towards a better more peaceful region. At the cutting-edge of fostering dialogue and change through innovative use of new technologies, the YaLa movement has grown in three years to nearly half a million members, making it the broadest and fastest-growing Middle East peace movement today. Founded by the Peres Center for Peace and YaLa Palestine, the movement focuses on dialogue and engagement as a means to securing a safe, productive, and peaceful region.

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Adapted from YaLa Young Leaders

Save a Child's Heart

Save a Child's Heart (SACH) is an Israeli organization whose mission is to improve pediatric cardiac care for children from developing countries. Save a Child's Heart treats children with congenital heart defects who do not have access to lifesaving medical procedures in their home countries. SACH has an open clinic every Tuesday for children in the West Bank and Gaza and approximately half of the children that SACH treats are Palestinian. Save a Child's Heart also trains medical personnel, both doctors and nurses, so that they can contribute to establishing successful healthcare systems in their native countries. Since its founding in 1996, Save a Child's Heart has saved the lives of more than 3,400 children.

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Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy

Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy (A4VPE) believes that positive investment in the Palestinian economy will create tangible economic opportunity for Palestinians and encourage hope for a more prosperous future. A4VPE encourages American companies to invest in Palestinian businesses and organizations, thereby contributing to the establishment of a stable, sustainable Palestinian economy. Economic independence for Palestinians is necessary to foster the environment required to reach a peaceful and lasting solution with Israel.

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Adapted from Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy
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