About Us

Tigers Together is a coalition of Princetonians committed to promoting trust and partnership between Israelis and Palestinians by supporting projects that both build mutual trust and make immediate impact on the ground today. We unequivocally support a two state solution that will establish an independent Palestinian state living side-by-side with the State of Israel in peace, security, and prosperity. We firmly believe that our initiative is the best way for the Princeton community to contribute to progress towards achieving the two-state reality.

Our four-point vision:

Environmental Development

Environmental resources are critical to the survivability of any nation. Mutual dependence on shared natural resources, such as water, provides Israelis and Palestinians with the opportunity and necessity to work together to ensure their futures. Learn more about environmental initiatives here.

Leadership Development

Empowering young adults is critical to creating the future we strive to build. To become leaders of the next generation, these individuals must acquire the necessary leadership, technological, and professional skills. Learn more about how you can support the next generation here.

Healthcare Development

Adequate medical care is vital to the health and growth of all nations. Healthcare delivery is dependent upon immediately treating patients in the short term and training healthcare providers in the long term. Meeting medical needs provides a unique opportunity to grow the Israeli-Palestinian relationship. Learn more about medical initiatives here.

Business Development

Business partnerships on every scale give Israelis and Palestinians the opportunity to work together towards a better future for all. Investment in the Palestinian economy will increase job opportunities, ensure sociopolitical stability, and support progress in other key development areas. In turn, prosperity for Palestinians will improve Israeli-Palestinian relations. Learn more about business development initiatives here.

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